Friday Mantra!

Happy Friday! Today's Mantra features the highly accomplished Bob Sager! "How can I add more value to more people?" The founder of SpearPoint Solutions, LLC, Bob’s professional background includes experience in financial planning and residential real estate. He is a Consultant and Trainer on Personal Achievement and Practical Innovative Thinking. Among other accomplishments, Bob is the inventor of the … Continue reading Friday Mantra!

Thursday Mantra!

Happy Thursday! Today's Mantra comes to us courtesy of Kaylee Houde! Go show her some love! "I am enough." Kaylee Houde is a Career Coach helping motivated professionals cut through the chaos and define their direction. Her specialty is career transitions, using transferable skills to help you find work-life alignment that still pays the bills! … Continue reading Thursday Mantra!

Wednesday Mantra!

Happy Wednesday! Today's Mantra comes to us courtesy of Ajayi Joel. Show him some love!  "When tech dominates the world, creativity will keep you a step ahead." Ajayi Joel describes himself as an entrepreneur, digital marketer, social media influencer, and educational non-conformist. You can reach him on Instagram and Facebook! Share your own mantra and your thoughts below! ⤵️ … Continue reading Wednesday Mantra!