The Weekly Recap…

  Good morning and Happy Sunday! Today is my day to recap and think about how I've been doing this week. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feelings about the content I brought to you this week! I had several fantastic guest features for the #Mantra series. What did you think? Was it helpful … Continue reading The Weekly Recap…


Saturday Mantra!

Happy Saturday! Today's Mantra comes to us courtesy of Caren Cooper. Go see what she's up to! "You get back what you put in." Caren Cooper began her own health journey in September 2015 and was amazed to find a system that worked! She dropped 20 pounds and went from being a mom who was … Continue reading Saturday Mantra!

Friday Mantra!

Happy Friday! Today's Mantra features the highly accomplished Bob Sager! "How can I add more value to more people?" The founder of SpearPoint Solutions, LLC, Bob’s professional background includes experience in financial planning and residential real estate. He is a Consultant and Trainer on Personal Achievement and Practical Innovative Thinking. Among other accomplishments, Bob is the inventor of the … Continue reading Friday Mantra!

Thursday Mantra!

Happy Thursday! Today's Mantra comes to us courtesy of Kaylee Houde! Go show her some love! "I am enough." Kaylee Houde is a Career Coach helping motivated professionals cut through the chaos and define their direction. Her specialty is career transitions, using transferable skills to help you find work-life alignment that still pays the bills! … Continue reading Thursday Mantra!

Wednesday Mantra!

Happy Wednesday! Today's Mantra comes to us courtesy of Ajayi Joel. Show him some love!  "When tech dominates the world, creativity will keep you a step ahead." Ajayi Joel describes himself as an entrepreneur, digital marketer, social media influencer, and educational non-conformist. You can reach him on Instagram and Facebook! Share your own mantra and your thoughts below! ⤵️ … Continue reading Wednesday Mantra!