Kyle Elliott – The Deeper Story…

Today’s Deeper Story features one of the most incredible and successful people I know, Kyle Elliott! Here’s an excerpt from his fascinating story:
People in the audience do notice. It has become a solo performance. But to the conductor’s surprise, the audience starts clapping and cheering. They appreciate the show. While the ensemble was good, the soloist is even more beautiful. He is able to shine without being drowned out by the other members of his orchestra.
The conductor is in awe – he recognizes that he can slow down. That he can take a break. That he can pause. That he can breathe.
So the conductor sets down his baton and enjoys the music.
What does it mean? Kyle told me, “I’ve always had a difficult time slowing down, but as I have learned to slow down I’ve found I achieve more, not less.”
About Kyle:
I’m Kyle Elliott – the founder and career coach behind Through my work, I help people navigate career and life transitions. I also help them find happiness. I love coffee (if you couldn’t tell), writing and eating the same thing at different restaurants. I also love sharing my whole truth; as such, I share this story with you so you may sit with me in my journey to slow down and find silence – something that is becoming a little easier for me each day.
Find Kyle on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook! Share your own story and tag a friend who might appreciate this! ⤵️🛐

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